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Animal health promotes healthy human life

In the field of animal health, Baichuan is committed to providing protection for animal blood coagulation and metabolic functions.

The vitamin K3 developed by our company is a blood coagulation agent.

It can be used to treat some bleeding diseases caused by the lack of vitamin K.

It can promote the formation of prothrombin and can effectively prevent the weak system of poultry and livestock as well as visceral bleeding, so as to promote the growth and development of livestock and accelerate the mineralization of bones.

In addition, vitamin K3 can also participate in the formation of poultry embryos to ensure the survival rate of young chicks.


In order to meet market demand, we have successively launched two products of Vitamin K3, MSB and MNB, and obtained EU FAMI-QS certification. While providing customers with high-quality products, it is also supplemented by professional technical guidance to solve customers' worries.