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Chrome oxide green, also chromium trioxide, with chemical formula Cr2O3, is a compound of trivalent chromium, and the color is olive green. Its refractive index is 2.5.

It has metallic luster; it has the characteristics of magnetism, strong hiding power, high temperature resistance, sun resistance, insoluble in water, insoluble in acid, etc. It is relatively stable in the atmosphere.

The general concentration of acid, alkali and sulfur dioxide gas has no effect on it. It has excellent and outstanding pigment quality and fastness.

Chrome oxide green usually has two hues: light olive green and dark olive green. It has excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and is non-toxic; it has good hiding power.


Baichuan provides chromium oxide green pigments produced by different production processes, ranging from light olive green to dark olive green, and are widely used in the coloring of blanks and glazes in the field of ceramic pigments.

We can also customize the products you need according to your specific application scenarios.

Our advantages:

-Different purity available

-Various color shade available

-Free sample available

-Low order quantity

-Diversified shipping methods