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Sodium sulfate, also known as sodium sulfate anhydrous, is a fine crystal or powder. Sodium sulfate is an important raw material for the manufacture of glass and paper.


Sodium sulfate is largely used in the papermaking and cellulose industries, about 70% of the total. Sodium sulfate is a component of synthetic detergents. It is a neutral salt. Adding it can reduce the surface tension and increase the solubility of detergents.


Sodium sulfate is also used as a diluent for dyes and an auxiliary for dyeing and printing, as an accelerator for dyeing cotton fibers with direct dyes, sulfur dyes, and vat dyes, and as a retarding agent for direct dyeing of silk.


Our high-purity anhydrous sodium sulfate products are very suitable for use as fillers and additives in glass, paper, detergent, printing and dyeing industries.