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Chromium salt industry chain raises the tide of price rise

Chromium salt industry chain raises the tide of price rise, and the application prospect of energy storage attracts the attention of institutions

According to the survey summary, the price of chromium salt has risen sharply recently. On the one hand, the price of raw materials has increased, the concentration of chromium salt industry is high, and the price increase can be transmitted quickly; second, the inventory of downstream customers is not high, and industries such as vitamins are in the peak season. 

The industry believes that China is the world's largest producer of chromium salt. Due to the problems of high pollution in the production of chromium salt products, after more than a decade of elimination of small and medium-sized production capacity, the industry supply continues to shrink.

In the downstream, chromium salt has great application potential in new energy. For example, iron chromium flow battery (with the advantages of high efficiency, long cycle life, large temperature range, high safety, environmental friendliness and low cost) is a promising large-scale energy storage technology; Chromium oxide is used as lithium cathode (the theoretical mass specific capacity is more than twice that of ternary high nickel material), and the industry is developing well.

Through the acquisition of Minfeng chemical, Zhenhua Co., Ltd. has become the largest chromium salt production enterprise in the world. The production capacity of vitamin K3 ranks first in the world. The company has a complete industrial chain layout and can provide a full range of products in the chromium salt industrial chain;


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