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Aluminum Hydroxide Market Roaring

With the ultra-refinement of aluminum hydroxide, the electronic structure and crystal structure of the surface change, resulting in surface effects and small size effects that bulk materials do not have, so that it exhibits chemical activity, electricity, and surface properties. It has unique performance and has many special functions.


Ultrafine aluminum hydroxide powder is not only a functional material itself, but also provides broad application prospects for the development of new materials, and plays an extremely important role in various fields of the national economy.


Ultrafine aluminum hydroxide powder has multiple functions such as flame retardant, smoke suppression, filling, etc. It can produce synergistic flame retardant effect with various substances such as phosphorus, and has become an important environmental protection type in electronics, chemical industry, cable, plastic, rubber and other industries. flame retardant.


According to the forecast of the China Business Industry Research Institute, the domestic production of ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide is expected to increase from 293,200 tons in 2015 to 926,900 tons in 2025, with a compound growth rate of 21.1%.

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